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The Scottish Rite Learning Center of South Texas (SRLC) offers the Dyslexia Therapist Training Program for individuals with a college degree. This comprehensive training to become a specialist in multisensory teaching techniques of the structure of the English language is purposefully designed for the student who is at risk for reading difficulty or who has been diagnosed as dyslexic. This training will be implemented in the establishment of local remedial classes for these unique students.

The therapist training program provides the opportunity for an individual to become a specialist in the field of dyslexia and related learning differences. In order to provide the highest-quality training possible, there is a limited number of individuals selected for the training each year. Course content and techniques are based on the original Orton-Gillingham model, as well as others, with additions and refinements developed since 1965 at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for children in Dallas.

Completion of this two-year comprehensive training program prepares an individual to receive a certificate of completion from Scottish Rite Learning Center with the title of Dyslexia Therapist. Upon successful completion of a comprehensive examination by the Academic Language Therapy Association, ALTA, our graduates will also receive the title of Certified Academic Language Therapist. Applications for the Introductory Dyslexia Therapist Training Program must be received by May 1

For more information contact Janet Flory at the Learning Center, 210-222-0133

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